About Giggle and Learn Early Childcare and Education Centre.

Welcome to Giggle and Learn Early Childcare and Education Centre. Giggle and Learn believes in paving the way to nurture and encourage your precious little one to be inspired and explore a world of endless learning. Our family owned and operated boutique centre offers quality care at affordable rates, with skilled educators and premium facilities to meet the needs of the uniqueness of every child. We aim to work in partnership with you as we firmly believe the most powerful influence on a child’s learning and development starts at home. That is why we aim to create a home away from home experience.

Our Philosophy

Our centre philosophy has been developed in conjunction with both educators and our personal family morals where we believe all children have the right to feel safe and secure while we provide a warm and encouraging environment to inspire your child to develop at their own pace.

Giggle and Learn acknowledges that each child is an individual who needs to be supported in a fun and stimulating learning space to explore, imagine and most of all have fun! Through play, children are able to learn about the wonderful world that surrounds them, develop their problem-solving skills and express their feelings and ideas so they can grow socially, cognitively, emotionally, physically and morally. In doing this we aim to assist your child to develop a positive self-concept and attitude towards learning and play.

We believe all children should be given assistance to understand, appreciate and respect various social and cultural diversities within their community.

We as caregivers and educators aim to extend on the child’s home experiences therefore a close liaison with parents is essential to us. We encourage parent participation and involvement forming an essential partnership that must exist between home and childcare.

Together we will take the time to build the individual foundations of education and care of all of our children’s future. The moment you and your child walk through the doors at Giggle and Learn, you will be welcomed into our home, a place where your child’s imagination can run wild. Click here to join our waitlist.